Big bag dischargers

Tekemas makes bulk material handling easy, offering a comprehensive range of big bag discharging stations. The big bag dischargers are designed modularly, with numerous variations for customizing and adapting to your process needs. Mild or stainless steel construction, as well as surface finishing and treatments as required. A range of options is available to achieve optimal discharge for materials with poor flow characteristics.


Pneumatic, spring or electric hoist systems ensure that the big-bag is stretched properly while discharging, eliminating dead pockets of product; the frame height adjusts to accommodate a wide variety of big-bag sizes with a pneumatic or spring tensioning system. The lid of the discharge cone creates a dust-tight seal between the big bag and the discharge cone.  

Discover our subproducts

  • Hygienic Big Bag Discharger

    Tekemas offers a range of high-end big bag dischargers in GMP / EHEDG design for your food and pharma bulk handling requirements. Featuring an open design for easy cleaning, profiles are set at an angle to prevent material deposits. The big bag discharging stations are fully customizable, with surface finishing and treatments as required. Internal surface finish is 2B as standard, or ground in one direction, Ra ≤0,8 µm or according to customer specifications.

  • Standard Big Bag Discharger

    Tekemas offers numerous combinations of big bag emptying stations to suit a variety of process and budgetary needs, thanks to their modular construction. The big bag dischargers can be fitted with load cells for dosing purposes or as part of a loss-in-weight recipe system, or even mounted on wheels. There are versions with hoists, integrated beams or for forklift operation. Options include discharge aids on bottom and sides, height adjustable cone, different surface finishes and steel grades.

  • Big Bag Discharger / Feeder Combo

    Tekemas’ big bag discharge station with integrated feeder is an ideal solution for batch processes in particular, depending on space constraints, the number of ingredients to be added to the process, refill frequency, capacities and budget.

  • Big Bag Discharger / Sack Tip Cabinet Combo

    Tekemas' big bag discharger / sack tip cabinet combination is an easy, space-saving and economical way to add multiple ingredients from both big bags and 25 kg sacks into a process, with only one inlet into the subsequent process.

  • Wall Mount Big Bag Discharger

    Tekemas features a wall-mounted version of the big bag emptying station. Wall mounting is a compact, space-saving and economical alternative for free-flowing products. It is also easier to clean surrounding areas and to place constructions underneath.

  • Low Room Big Bag Discharger

    Tekemas features a lifting column version of a big bag discharging station for dust-free big bag/FIBC discharging even if space is tight. The compact, space-saving design is safer for open systems and ideal for low headroom, such as cleanrooms with HVAC systems in the ceiling.

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