IBC Powder Mixing & Blending Solution

Mix any recipe, any time, through fast, efficient, agile blending with Matcon IBC blending systems and eliminate the time-consuming cleaning associated with traditional static mixers.



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Industry Leading "Cone Valve" IBC Powder Handling Systems

Matcon has been successfully delivering top quality, powder handling systems since 1980. Their clients include some of the largest, most famous international household names as well as small, privately-owned manufacturers from varied industries such as food (flavours/spices/bakery/beverages), infant & sports nutrition, pharmaceutical and chemical.

Their flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) processing solutions are used to transfer powders, granules and tablets safely between the key process manufacturing steps, from recipe formulation through mixing/blending, to packing and cleaning. Their Cone Valve technology at the heart of each IBC is proven to overcome issues of mix segregation, containment and bridging that are inherent in traditional powder handling systems.

Mixing directly within the IBC

With a Matcon IBC Blender, mixing takes place directly within the IBC, making recipe changeovers virtually instantaneous as the blender has no product contact parts to clean. By utilizing a high shear intensifier with the IBC Blender, its range of blending capabilities are extended, providing efficient mixing and blending of cohesive powders and featuring the ability to directly add and disperse liquid content to a recipe batch.

Near-Infrared (NIR) spectroscopy allows mix homogeneity and accurate recipe blend times to be validated, without invasive sampling.

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