Used powder processing equipment - fully automatic feeding system with weighing of up to 12 ingredients from big-bags to containers on wheels





The system consists of 12 big-bag emptying stations. The big-bag emptying is facilitated by a knife at the bottom of the hopper, from which the material can be fed into a container, which is then led to the individual stations on a chain conveyor.


The recipe is entered via PC, after which a container is led into the system. The container is automatically led to a station where the lid is removed and further to the desired feeder which weighs the desired amount (20-250 kg +/-1%). Up to 12 different ingredients can be weighed in each container. Once the weighing is terminated, the container is led to a closing station which replaces the lid. 2 containers are included in the system. The system can be hooked up to a server to receive all data for weighing, for batch control.


2 portal cranes for placing the big-bags and a filter system for exhaust air are also included.


The system consists of:


  • 12 big-bag (1000 kg) emptying station with knives
  • 12 K-Tron S100 feeders
  • 1 chain conveyor with 2 weighing units
  • 2 containers
  • 2 portal cranes
  • 1 dust exhaust system incl. filter
  • 1 control system


  Additional images of the system


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