Container systems (Intermediate Bulk Containers)


Matcon specializes in flexible and effective solutions for the handling of powders, granules, tablets and other materials in IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers). A range of accessories is available for these IBCs, which includes docking systems, mixing stations and washing stations.

Matcon is well-know for their cone valve technology with lifting probe action and built-in vibration, which allows discharge of even very difficult powders. 

  • Handling of virtually any solid material or mixture
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Dust-free system. The combination of an outer "lip seal" combined with an inflatable seal coupling between the IBC and the discharge station ensures minimal dust escape.
  • Control of flow removes need for any other feeding device
  • Prevent risk of segregation - mass flow discharge is promoted
  • Accurate feeding
  • Available in sizes ranging from 150-3300 liters


The system operates across practically all process industries, delicate or rough, indoors or outdoors, never cleaned or cleaned several times a day.

The discharge principle can also be used for the emptying of silos, where they can be mounted on the existing silo for optimal discharge control.


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