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Celtron has produced load cells since 1987, today Celtron is known for products ranging from aluminium single points to high-capacity stainless steel load cells which are recognized in the industry for their reliability, precision and professional appearance. 


Tekemas carry a wide range of Tedea Huntleigh mounts and load cells both Single Point Bending Beams, Shear Beams, S-Type Load Cells, Compression / Tension Load Cells, Canister Load Cells and Damped Load Cells, please contact us if you cannot find the load cell that you are looking for.





DSR VPG Celtron shear beam load cell - Vejecelle - Tekemas

HBB VPG Celtron bending beam load cell - vejecelle - Tekemas

celtron loc single point load cell - vejecelle - tekemas

Celtron load cell model DSR  Celtron load cell model HBB  Celtron load cell model LOC 


PSD VPG Celtron compression load cell - vejecelle Tekemas

SEB VPG Celtron shear beam load cell - vejecelle - Tekemas

SQB VPG Celtron shear beam load cell - vejecelle - Tekemas 

Celtron load cell model PSD    Celtron load cell model SEB   Celtron load cell model SQB 

 STC VPG Celtron s-type load cell - vejecelle - Tekemas



Celtron load cell model STC